About Us

 The Dominion State Quartet was established in 1969 by Marvin Parsons as an all male quartet. As time goes by changes are more than likely to take place. 
The Quartet later became a mixed quartet then to a Trio.
Nora and Marvin had many people come through the ranks of the Quartet and the Trio through the first 21 years .
The last line up being Marvin his wife Nora and Tim Meeker. The group had not had a change in personel in 26 years as far as the front line up was. 
Marvin ran the group for 42 years until March of 2012, he had two major strokes and was forced off the road. Marvin and his wife Nora will still make some personal appearences from time to time when his health and time allows. 

 Tim Meeker has been with the group since 1988, driving the bus , singing, playing different instruments, handling all the sound and doing the groups production.
Proir to The Dominion Trio , Tim played Bass guitar and piano for the late Conrad Cook and the Calvary Echoes. 
In March of 2012 Tim was placed into the managerial position of the group. Guiding Dominion into the next chapter of their ministry .

Bradly joined the group in Feb, 2008 from Hope Childrens Home. 
Bradly was a child in Hope Childrens Home in Tampa Florida. Tim and Nora on a mission trip to the home saw Bradly and instantly fell in love with him. After two years of Bradly being in the home, the group came to the conclusion that we would like to take Bradly and try to offer him a better life . His adoption went through 16 months after he became a part of our life . That was one of the many miracles that God gave us .
What we didn't know was how he was going to impact the Ministry and the direction of The Dominin Trio.

In 8 short years Bradly has grown into an amazing young man, He started playing the Piano and Mandolin at the age of 7. In this time he is playing about 15 different instruments and can sing all the parts. Dominion's friends have seen the transformation in this young man and his musical growth.

Bradly delights people everywhere we travel with his talent , and outgoing personallity. He has an amazing testimony, that touches people all over the country. His desire is to bless people and make  people smile with his music and friendship. 

Madison Edge, has joined forces with Bradly and Tim. Madison started singing with us in June, 2015 on a part time basis when School and family obligations would allow. This year Madison has became a more vital part of our ministry and is traveling more and more.
Madison has a sweet sweet personality and everywhere we go our friends love to hear her sing and see her smile.  

Nora and Marvin are proud of the boys and the opportunity to see their Legacy live on. The boys are carrying on Marvins dream and keeping his ministry alive.

Marvin and Nora will still travel to certain dates that his health allows. Be sure to come out and support The Boys and you never know when you will get to see the whole group sing near you .